With so many drivers on the road, we all have at least one memorable story to tell. Maybe you ran out of fuel, got a flat tyre, enjoyed singing out loud or had happy experience travelling with your family or friends. Maybe you were in an accident or maybe you were pleasantly surprised by how well your car responded in a difficult situation.
Tell us your car story.
The information you provide will be used to shape the design and development of future car models.
Please tick box whether you would take part in the study. *

1. What is the study about?
The aim of this study is to investigate people’s life stories with automobiles involving physical, social and emotional aspects to develop scenarios by asking questions in order to gain a deeper understanding of driver or passenger’s experience and emotion. 

2. Do I have to take part?
No. It is completely up to you whether you take part or not. 

3. What happens to my information? 
All information is kept confidential (private) within the research team. No one outside the research team will have access to information which could be used to identify you. 

4. Can I find out the results of the study? 
Yes. If you would like to be sent a copy of the study report, please contact the researcher (kyungjoo.cha@brunel.ac.uk).

This study has been approved by the Brunel University Research Ethics Committee. All data will be collected and stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
Describe a time you were in a car and something happened that made you respond emotionally, which occurred during the last 12 month period. (happy, scared, sad, surprised, angry, etc.) *

Were there any circumstances that were out of your control at the time? (i.e. weather condition? road conditions? other vehicles? passengers? etc.) *

Where specifically did the story happen? (i.e. motorway? country road? car park? etc.) *

What did you do? (Tell us what were your actions) *

What or who were involved in the story? (i.e. humans? animals? technical features? or digital devices? etc.) *

At the time of the story, you felt… *

Tell us about yourself. 

Gender *

Age *

Vehicle segment (What type vehicle were travelling in when the story happened?) *

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